VOA常速附字幕[翻译]:菠萝叶可制成靓丽服装 质量不输皮革


广东高考 www.whyiao.com.cn A Spanish entrepreneur spent over eight years developing a new textile she calls Pinatex. Pinatex is a new textile material made from pineapple leaf fibers, which is the waste of the pineapple harvest. Carmen Hijosa, who founded the company Ananas Anam to market Pinatex, works with pineapple farmers in the Philippines who harvest and strip the fibers from the leaves, because their characteristics and they’re very fine and strong and flexible. Since launching commercially in the mid-2015, Pinatecx has been used by about 500 manufacturers including a recent collaboration with fashion house Hugo Boss on a pair of vegan sneakers. Smaller fashion companies to have been inspired by its unique look and feel.

People come in. They’ll see it. They’re attracted to it. At first most of the time, they think it’s leather, and then they feel in it doesn’t feel leather. They’re there…Timothy Turner-Sutton, creative director for fashion brand Altiir whose entire collection of biker style jackets are made from Pinatex says, it’s got a unique texture. This is my neo classic biker jacket. It’s made by Altiir out of Pinatex. I’ve worn this for about a year, and it’s just it ages to your body really gracefully and molds molds to your body when it gets wet, it dries like leather, and it behaves like leather in every way except it’s completely sustainable. In addition to clothing, the company is entering new markets too, including interior furnishing and car upholstery.

Mariama Diallo VOA News.

西班牙的一位企业家花了8年多的时间研发了一种新型纺织品,名为Pinatex。这是一种新型纺织材料,由菠萝叶纤维制成。而菠萝叶纤维是菠萝丰收后的废品??攀茿nanas Anam公司的创始人,这家公司销售Pinatex。她与菲律宾种植菠萝的农民合作,农民会从叶子里剥离出纤维,因为菠萝叶子的纤维很有特点,结实又有弹性。自从2015年中旬投产商业化以来,该产品的使用方就有近500个厂商,比如最近跟时尚品牌雨果·波士关于一双纯素运动鞋的合作。规模不大的一些公司也受到了其独特外观和手感的启发。



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